Native American Astrology

27 Jun

The journey within starts from above

Many people are well aware of their zodiac signs(SAGITTARIUS!)   and their Chinese zodiac animals (DOG!) but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when a friend and I visited MacRae’s Indian Books on a trollop about town that we discovered the Native Americans ideals of astrology through a book called “Simply Native American Astrology” by Deborah Durbin. similar to other systems of astrology the dates and months of your birth correspond with an animal but there’s more to it, you also learn things like your clan, moon and stone. the book also offers insights into your personality traits and famous people born under your sign (some born under my sign included Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra, and Brad Pitt). Now i have never been one to buy into that things are “written in the stars” but my sign was eerily accurate and synced up with my personality quite well! though the book  is fairly broad and generalized, the fact remains that everyone in my family found themselves agreeing with what the book said. the book also allows you to find your spirit and totem animal through a series of questions. a good coffee table or bathroom read “Simply Native American Astrology” delights and entertains but also educates people on Native American culture and beliefs, something i have always been fond of. Check of what you would be!

    December 22-January 19 Snow Goose/ Turtle
January 20-February 18 Otter/ Butterfly
February 19-March 20 Cougar/ Frog
March 21-April 19 Red Hawk/ Thunderbird
April 20-May 20 Beaver/ Turtle
May 21-June 20 Deer/ Butterfly
June 21-July 22 Flicker/ Frog
July 23-August 22 Sturgeon/ Thunderbird
August 23-September 22 Grizzly Bear/ Turtle
September 23-October 23 Raven/ Butterfly
October 24-November 21 Snake/ Frog
November 22-December 21 Elk/ Thunderbird

I’m the elk!  😀


my face when i found out

                                                                                                                               for a more extensive look buy the book like i did it was only 9 bucks  also as a gift the lady at the store gave me and my friend two jewelery magazines, a nice gesture though they were circa 1978 🙂


Simply Native American Astrology by Deborah Durbin


MacRaes Indian Books located on Cole street, Enumclaw WA.


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